US Open Betting Guide

Golf is experiencing rapid growth across the world and with the influx of new players comes a legion of new fans. It’s a game that can be played at almost any age and this has led to people trying their hand at the game.

While golf is difficult, the professionals that play on the PGA Tour can make the game look very easy. For those pros, there are four events each year that are considered as “Majors”. These are events that are circled on calendars and carry more prestige than others.

One of these four Majors is known as the US Open. It’s the third Major tournament every year and is played at a different course every year inside the United States. It’s known to be a difficult tournament that typically has long and thick roughs that rewards accurate driving.

Because of this, certain players can thrive under these conditions while others struggle with them. For those that succeed, the US Open offers large rewards as it’s the major with the largest prize pool. Last year, over $12 million were handed out.

This guide will cover everything there is to know about betting on the US Open in the state of New York. From your different golf betting options to a few must-know tips, this guide has you covered with everything that will make you a more profitable gambler at the event.

Potential US Open betting sites in New York

While online gambling is not yet available in the state of New York, it has been legalized in many other states across the country. One of those states is New Jersey, which enjoys a vibrant online sports gambling industry.

Since New York is expected to legalize online gambling soon, we can expect the landscape to look similar to New Jersey. Here are three companies that have established themselves in New Jersey as well as other states.

DraftKings Sportsbook

One of the two large companies on this list that started as daily fantasy sports operators, DraftKings has now expanded to offer an online sportsbook in many states. It was founded in Boston but has since spread all across the country.

The company is known for its large gambling options as they have every major sport you could imagine. The DraftKings app also allow all the different bet types that you may desire and often have promotions of varying kinds that gamblers can take advantage of.

FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel is similar to DraftKings in that they both started as daily fantasy sports companies. Nowadays, they both have some of the highest-rated sportsbooks that are available in states with legal online gambling.

Once again the FanDuel app has all the offerings that you would want out of an online sportsbook. You can find every sport your heart desires and they have a reputable history so there’s no need to have any concerns over the safety of your money.

BetMGM Sportsbook

Last but not least, BetMGM is another company that has a strong online gambling presence. The MGM brand is huge and thus you can be sure that you are working with a strong company when you use the BetMGM app.

They often have reward points and other loyalty systems that allow gamblers to gain points. These can sometimes be used to earn rewards in other aspects of MGM entertainment such as hotels or other things.

When and where is the US Open (Golf) held?

While the details change slightly every year, there are a few constants in the US Open. For once, it’s always held on American soil. Here are some of the details for the 2021 edition of the tournament:

  • Location: Torrey Pines Golf Course, San Diego
  • Dates: June 17-20, 2021
  • How to Watch on TV: Golf Channel and NBC
  • Streaming: Golf Channel and/or NBC streams

US Open golf futures

When it comes to golf, futures bets are a popular bet type. That statement remains true when it comes to the US Open event. Futures bets work just as the name suggests, and they involve gambling on an event that is taking place far into the future.

Because of the long period between placing the wager and the bet being graded, futures bets have a few unique qualities. They usually offer higher odds and higher potential returns because of the uncertainty that the long period offers.

Also because so much can happen during this time but your odds stay the same as whenever you placed the wager, futures can make for an opportunity to get odds at a good price before they shift. Of course, it’s difficult to predict what is going to happen in the future.

The odds are originally set well into the future for any golf event. It is usually months before the players tee off when the sportsbooks will release their lines for the winners of the major tournaments. These odds will shift up to the event starting.

The odds move to reflect the changing reality of the probability of each player winning the tournament. If a player is golfing very well, his odds might move down and worsen. The odds will also move if a player is receiving lots of bets as the sportsbooks want to limit their liability.

The best time to bet futures on the US Open depends on the player. If you want to bet on a player that you expect others to be gambling on, it’s a smart idea to bet earlier as their US Open odds will likely get weaker and vice versa.

Besides betting on the outright winner, other popular futures bets include gambling on who will be leading after each round as well as which golfers will place in the top five or top ten. These are often safer as while there can only be one outright champion, there will be more golfers that can be graded as winners on these other futures bets.

Live betting on the US Open

Besides futures bets, live betting is another gambling format that is popular with the US Open. This involves making wagers on the event as it takes place. Many different wagers are offered during live betting and the odds for all these wagers are constantly moving.

Perhaps you want to bet on a certain player getting a birdie on an upcoming hole, or want to test your luck at picking the winner out of a particular group that is playing that day. Live betting makes all of this possible.

Before you start live betting, there are a few things you should know. The first is that it’s much easier to do if you have an electronic device of some sort and online gambling is legalized in the area that you’re located when you place the wager. This is because live betting moves at a rapid pace and sometimes the in-person betting experience can be too clunky to keep up.

Another tip is to look for smaller betting markets as these lines will have less attention from oddsmakers. This means that they may be easier to exploit for profit. With less attention from the bookmaker, there is a larger chance that they overlooked a crucial factor. This could mean the difference between your wager is a winner or a loser.

US Open prop bets

Last but not least, prop bets are another bet type that is popular with gamblers who are placing wagers on the US Open. These are bets that don’t have a direct impact on the outcome of the tournament.

One of the most popular prop bets is gambling on if a hole-in-one will be made by any player during that round. You would be surprised at how often this happens, but it depends on the course and due diligence should be done before placing any wagers.

Another example of a golf prop bet is how old the champion of the tournament will be. These smaller wagers can offer loads of fun due to their unpredictable nature. Also, prop bets offer the opportunity to make a large number of bets which is always positive.

This can result in big profits if you get going on a hot streak, or big losses if your bets start to go south. Either way, the large quantity of prop bets is something to look for when betting on the US Open.

2021 US Open players to watch

These are some of the top contenders for the upcoming US Open:

  • Bryson DeChambeau: This exciting player has revolutionized golf with his long drives and unorthodox playstyle. His length off the tee helps him have shorter shots into the green, making his job a little easier.
  • Dustin Johnson: Dustin Johnson has perhaps had the greatest run in golf over the early part of the decade. He has a deadly mix of power and accuracy that makes him a superb golfer.
  • Justin Thomas: The young American has burst onto the scene and been very successful thus far through his young career. A strong mid-range player, Justin Thomas will look to reach even greater heights by adding a US Open championship.
  • Jon Rahm: One of the best European players on tour, Jon Rahm is a candidate to win any given week. He’s a well-rounded golfer that has already shown the ability to win big tournaments.

US Open golf betting tips

Here are some good betting tips for betting on the US Open.

1. Take note of the golfer’s playstyles

The US Open is famous for its difficult roughness and emphasis on driving accuracy. Because of this, you should know the playstyles of the golfers that you wish to bet on. This can be done quite easily and doesn’t take too long, but it’s important to have an understanding of a golfer’s strengths and weaknesses.

2. Don’t be afraid to bet an underdog

There are plenty of very talented golfers on the PGA Tour and you shouldn’t be scared to bet on some of the smaller names. If you find a golfer who has been playing well and their game suits the course, it can often be worth placing a small bet on a few longshots.

3. Take advantage of different bet types

Many people will only bet the outright winner but that means that most of them are going to be losers. Taking advantage of many different bet types and playing different styles of bets means that you will give yourself a better chance to be a profitable gambler at the end of the day.

Daily fantasy sports on the US Open golf

For those who are looking for a different way to make some money on the US Open, daily fantasy sports have become a popular outlet. FanDuel and DraftKings are the most popular companies in this space and it’s easy to participate once you make an account with them.

There are a variety of different competitions offered including ones that span the length of the tournament and others that cover only one single day. Most of these work by selecting a few golfers to be a part of your “team” and their performance will determine your results.

In daily fantasy sports, it’s crucial to find good value players. Each player will come with a cost and thus the big names will be expensive. Instead, you’re going to need to find some of the less-known golfers who can give your team a good performance for a cheaper price. These unsung heroes are the golfers that make the difference between a winning day and a losing day.

Where to watch the US Open

NBC has the rights to the US Open and will show the tournament through all their available platforms. This includes both the streaming and cable rights.

The US Open also has an app that can be used to watch the tournament, as well as on US The Golf Channel also has the right to air some of the rounds for the tournament. Any of these are good options to find ways to watch the action.