NY Sports Betting Apps

It’s been a fun past few years in the sports betting industry as legalization continues to spread across the U.S., and the state of New York is ready to get in on it. What was looked at as taboo just a few years ago is reaching the mainstream as sports bettors and fans get more and more familiar with the lingo as several sports media companies have been given the green light to introduce sports betting to their programming. Plenty of businesses and states are taking advantage of sports betting legalization, and the security for sports bettors has never been greater.

If you think of traditional sports betting, you may imagine people at a sportsbook watching all the action with tons of TVs around them seeing the action all play out. Mobile betting is becoming a much more popular way to place wagers, and the states with the most success in the industry have succeeded largely due to users having the ability to place bets from their phones. Online sportsbooks now have apps that are downloadable for online betting and with the increased competition for new users, it’s a great time to be a sports bettor.

In this article, you will find a large overview of mobile betting in the state of New York. You will learn the basics of sportsbook apps, the best ones available, and how to identify the correct sportsbook for you. Also, we will provide instructions on how to download sportsbooks apps no matter what mobile device you are using.

Let’s take a look at what mobile sportsbooks have to offer in New York, starting with the basics of what a mobile sportsbook app is.

What is a sports betting app?

An online betting app gives users the chance to place wagers, and they are designed to create an optimal user experience for the sports bettor on their phone. Any major online sportsbook is going to have a website and an app that can be used to place wagers. A website is fine for bettors to utilize even through a mobile device, but the apps were created for a cleaner look, and they are usually the preferred way to place wagers through a mobile device.

One item to note is since sports betting isn’t live in all 50 states across America, users must physically be in a state that allows sports betting. If a particular state is not open to sports betting, a sports bettor will need to go to a state where it’s legal to place a wager legally. Users do not need to be a resident of the state, but they must be physically inside a legal sports betting state.

To ensure the laws are being followed, sportsbooks and regulators need to make sure bettors are not placing wagers across state lines. Regulators may require sportsbooks to utilize geolocation to make sure they know where sports bets are coming from as part of the online sign up. Before placing a single bet, the geolocation software can pinpoint exactly where the sportsbook’s user is, effectively creating a fence around the state. The geolocation software being used is very accurate, making it very difficult for sports bettors to break the rules.

Key advantages of sports betting apps

There are many perks to using a mobile sportsbook app as your main way of placing sports wagers. For one, they usually look very appealing. Sportsbooks are heavily in competition with each other to grab a hold of the increasing number of sports bettors and to do that, their apps need to be as clean as possible and attractive to new users. The optimal design of a sports betting app is crucial for the success of the product. Also, the apps are put together in such a way where even new users can navigate through the app without much confusion. They are designed for ease of use, which is very important especially for new bettors trying to get a better understanding of the sports betting industry.

Another one of the main perks is the ease of use with mobile sportsbook apps. Gone are the days of needing to be physically located inside of a physical sportsbook location to place a bet on sports. Just like just about anything in life with the increase in technology, it can be done from your phone. To be able to place a wager through a mobile sportsbook app, all that is necessary is a smartphone and being physically located inside of a state that allows sports betting to happen. That’s it. You do not need to physically be inside of a building to place a bet, and it doesn’t need to be done through a computer. It has never been easier to wager on sports in a timely fashion.

Not only are sportsbook apps convenient and designed to suit the needs of particular viewers, but another important item is also there are bets on mobile sportsbook apps that aren’t necessarily available everywhere. One of the biggest innovations to sports betting in recent years has been the increase in live betting. Live betting can be also referred to in-game betting, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. Instead of needing to get all your bets in for an individual game and waiting to see how it all plays out, bettors can get in on the action as the game is being played. The lines may shift by the second, and live bettors have to be quick to get in when the odds are in their favor. It can be a thrilling experience with plenty of in-game strategies throughout a variety of sports. Mobile sportsbooks lend themselves to the live betting experience, and those types of wagers would be almost impossible at a physical location as the lines move rapidly throughout a game or event.

Lastly, mobile sportsbook apps may offer promotions specifically for the app. Sportsbooks are trying to get as many users as possible to use their apps, and they may lure bettors in with special bonus offers they might not offer on any other platforms they utilize.

How can you bet on sports online in NY?

Sports betting inside of the state of New York is live and legal to do. However, only legal sports wagering that can be done is through a physical location through tribal and commercial casinos. At this point, online sports betting is not live, though it is likely to be coming in 2021 as the regulators devise their plan on how to roll out betting sports online. To be able to wager on sports online currently, New York residents could travel across state lines to New Jersey and place a bet legally.

The legislation is not the same across the entirety of the U.S., making it up to the individual states to determine their policies after the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) was repealed in May 2018. New York very well could make a move on online sports betting in 2021, and the state has plenty of data to look at with the success of other states that allow legalized sports betting online including several nearby states. A ton of the money comes in through online sports betting, which is why it is so crucial for states to make the best decision.

Top-ranked mobile sports betting apps

Once online sports betting becomes legal inside the state of New York, there will be a ton of sports betting companies competing for new users to their platforms. There is going to be a high demand from New York bettors, and sportsbooks will be putting out their best pitch to prove why they are the best sports betting app. A significant strategy to bring in new sports bettors is through mobile sportsbook apps.

Though it is not yet possible to place legal wagers through mobile apps in New York, users may download apps in New York and travel to New Jersey to place the bet. Below are several of the potential mobile sports betting apps you can choose from with some information on each to make sure you’re making the best decision possible when picking your preferred sportsbook.

  • DraftKings: As one of the kings of the boom in daily fantasy sports in recent years, DraftKings Sportsbook has also become one of the top destinations for legal sports betting in the U.S. DraftKings got its start in New Jersey and continues to spread its footprint of users as more and more states legalize. The app is very user-friendly, and it offers a betting carousel that suggests items to bet on based on the user’s preference and betting history. It’s been impressive to see how the company has adapted since legalization in 2018, and it figures to be a key player in the industry for years to come.
  • FanDuel: Like DraftKings, FanDuel made its mark as a daily fantasy sports provider, but it has expanded its reach to the sports betting industry. FanDuel and DraftKings have a lot of similarities as both are very well-known thanks to a huge emphasis on advertising in recent years, and both are in a position to capitalize on the sports betting boom in the United States. FanDuel also got its start in New Jersey. The app is very similar to the sportsbook’s betting site, so it’s not going to throw off those who had previously been utilizing the website. The homepage on the FanDuel Sportsbook app makes what bettors are looking for very easy to find.
  • BetMGM: MGM Resorts International has been among the leaders in betting in the U.S. for many years and got into the sports betting game in the summer of 2018. The BetMGM Sportsbook app was also launched in New Jersey. The app is known for its clean layout and is easy to navigate through with clearly labeled items. It’s a good app to start with for new users.
  • PointsBet: Originally operating in Australia, PointsBet made the move to the U.S. in 2019 where it began operations in New Jersey and continues to accumulate new states. PointsBet is known for its unique styles of betting, one of which is called PointsBetting. It’s a high-risk style of wager that isn’t offered elsewhere and could be worth a shot if sports bettors are looking to spice things up a little bit.
  • William Hill: The European sportsbook provider continues to make its name heard across the United States and is becoming a real player. William Hill has more than 100 physical locations in Nevada and continues to expand. The app makes it easy to locate the promotions with a rotating window, so it’s easy to find the best deals available for the sports bettor. William Hill will offer a large variety of options to choose from and is easy to use.
  • Bet365: While not as big of a brand or name as the others listed in this article, Bet365 is expected to be one of the options for New York bettors. The app is quite a bit different from the Bet365 website, though the color scheme is the same and the app is easier to navigate through for a user-friendly experience. One intriguing option for users of Bet365 is the ability to stream thousands of events each year from the app. Though it’s relatively unknown in the United States, users of Bet365 could find plenty of benefits.
  • BetRivers: When a new state comes in and legalizes sports betting, it’s not long after that BetRivers finds itself in the mix. That should be the case once mobile betting legalizes in the state of New York. As for the app, it is almost identical to the BetRivers website version, so it’s not too big of an adjustment for those who switch back and forth from the website to the app to place bets or simply analyzing the day’s betting board. Also, users can search any sport, league, or team they may be interested in placing a wager on.

How to choose an online sports betting app

Now that you know a little bit about your potential options, here’s a look at what you should be considering when deciding which sportsbook to use. Because of the regulation of the sports betting business, all should be safe to use unlike some of the offshore betting options where it can get a little shady with no laws to abide by. This is why legalization makes for a better experience for the sports bettor. It can now be done safely through licensed and regulated sportsbooks.

While that is the case, there are still other items to consider before making your sportsbook deposit. Just like in every industry, some companies are better for customers than others. That’s the case in choosing sports betting apps, and it’s up to bettors to decide what is most important to them.

No matter which sportsbook you want to deposit your money at, it’s important to do your homework first. Check around and see what the reputation is for particular sportsbooks. Enough people are covering the sports betting industry right now that a misstep from a sportsbook should be exposed so we can get a more transparent betting process.

It’s also important to get in the know on the odds and lines offerings. If one particular sportsbook is not offering you odds that are comparable to the rest of the market, it’s best to choose other options. For this reason, it might make sense to open up an account at multiple sportsbooks.

That way if there’s a particular bet you like, you can shop around and find the best numbers for yourself. You can also place a higher priority on their live betting options if you believe you will one day be interested in that market.

Anyone who gets into sports betting would like to one day earn money doing so, so it’s important to identify the banking options offered by the mobile sports betting app. Depositing and withdrawing money should be a quick and easy process. However, not every payment method is available at every location as sportsbooks operate differently as their own business. It’s up to you to ask around and see what makes the most sense for you. Customer support should be top-notch for each sportsbook. If not, it’s probably best to look elsewhere.

Also, we can refer to the perks section of this article where we listed out a few of the pros for sportsbook apps. If design and ease of use are important to you, download all the available apps, scroll through and see which you like the best from a visual perspective. Also, check each app for their bonus offers. Many will have a new user bonus that you can take advantage of, and you can grab the best offer available to start your sports betting career.

How to download betting apps on Android & iOS

Now that you’ve learned a ton about the individual mobile sportsbook apps and what to look for when choosing one, it’s time to make your download, and we have options for iOS as well as Android users with clickable links to go with them.

  • iOS: If you are walking around with an iOS device in your pocket, you can use one of our links to get to the sportsbooks’ websites and from there, click the app store link where you can make your download.
  • Android: For Android users, our links can be used to enter the sportsbooks’ websites where you can click the app store link from there and choose your preferred mobile sportsbook app.

How do sportsbook bonuses work with apps?

When trying to identify which sportsbooks to get involved in, it’s important to find those with the best bonus offers within the apps. Bonuses create a rare win-win scenario for both the sportsbook and the sports bettor. Sports bettors can essentially get free money in some cases and sportsbooks are smart, which is why they stay in business so long. They have calculated that a short-term loss for them will attract a new user, and they hope that the bettor will stick with their platform for the long run. As you may or may not know, sports betting heavily favors the sportsbooks rather than the sports bettor, but it’s still important to get in on the bonuses when you can.

Bonuses can come for new users, but they can also be offered for experienced bettors on the platform. New user bonuses are brought in to lure in new customers, and other bonuses are used to keep the customers satisfied. Both are good for sports bettors.

Sportsbook bonuses can be app exclusive, and they can come in a variety of different forms. For example, a first-deposit bonus could require the sportsbook to match up to a certain dollar amount. Other bonuses for new users could include free bets where there are no repercussions for getting a wager wrong and boosts that would put the odds significantly in your favor for a line that you cannot find anywhere else. Bonuses are important as sports bettors are getting free money, so it’s best to take advantage of those options when available as beating the sportsbook consistently is incredibly difficult to do.

Difference between betting apps vs online betting sites

Mobile betting apps and betting websites are very similar and will likely have a lot of the same features available. However, the appeal of mobile sportsbook apps is they are designed to be much more user friendly and convenient. By just clicking a button on your phone, you can be ready to scan through the latest lines and odds without the need to be in front of a computer. In the digital age, it’s as important as ever for mobile sportsbooks to offer the best apps possible, and it’s up to the sports bettors to find the right one for them.